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The information is supplied by Sportpicha Ltd. The content of this website is intended as a service to the market only. Sportpicha LTD disclaims all responsibility for any and all mistakes or inaccuracies in the information. Further, Sportpicha Ltd disclaims all liability for loss or damage, which may result from the use of information on this website.

Copyright Notice

Sportpicha Ltd is the owner of any and all material found on this website. The materials are protected by the provisions of the Kenya Copyright Act (2012), and Sportpicha Ltd has exclusive rights to dispose of the materials found on the website. The contents may not be made available outside of the private scope or copied for a purpose other than for private use or as prescribed by involuntary statute, except with Sportpicha Ltd prior written consent.

Copying is also considered downloading and storage on any computer, disk or other device designed to reproduce the material. Making the content available is considered active transmittal or handling over of the materials to others, as well as placing the material at the disposal of others. The same goes for other creative works. As soon as a work is created, it is protected under the Kenya Copyright Act (2012).

The material on the website may only be read on-screen, on-spot and on-line. Housing a work on a server is illegal without permission. Making the work available for display without permission is illegal. Cropping or any altering of work on the website without permission is illegal.

Wrongly bylining a work without prior permission is illegal. Stating on a website that the company has the rights to the work without prior permission is illegal. 


We take a legal hard stance on individuals/companies who reproduce our works without prior authorization. We have published this page to make it clear and indeed expectantly help and educate those who are ignorant of the law.



When a client wishes to use material authored by Sportpicha Ltd, a license is granted. We very rarely offer or sell exclusive copyright to our content. A fee is paid on the understanding that the picture can be published in a certain way for an agreed amount of time. A certain way means that a client pays for the image rights for use in a magazine for example. Should the same client want to use the same image in another way e.g. for branding purposes then a separate license has to be drawn up.


We have the right to refuse a sale. Therefore, no one has a right to gain a license and publish works.